Have you ever wondered what is behind the curtain? Have you ever questioned the nature of reality? Here we remove the veil and show you a deeper connection to the universe, and subsequently to yourself. 

Current Offerings

We hope you find the one that resonants with you. 

Orion's Dream Series

Galactic Dream Series

Earth Series

Draco's Dream Series

Genetic Series

Atlantis Series

The Workshop

Have you always been curious about the meaning of sacred geometry and how it could be used in your practice? What is the hidden meaning behind the flower of life, the golden spiral, and other magical geometric shapes? If you’re curious and want answers this workshop is for you.

flower of life

There are many beliefs in the world and because of that it is important to always remain kind, generous and tolerant towards our fellow human beings. We were all once children and we will all die one day.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

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